Reasoning Love

Love is the combined effect of chemical and electrical signals in the brain in reaction to the presence of a compatible mate.

Love is the moment you realise that your world exists only for her. That the sun rises only to light her way. That birds sing and flowers bloom on the chance it will make her smile.

Love is a mild chemical euphoria generated in the vicinity of a mate designed to encourage and reward continued procreation.

Love is the warmth in the depth of your heart as you hold her in your arms. The moments of shared silence. The smile that conveys an eternity of meaning in an instant.

Love is a fundamental driving force of human nature. Its lack casts evolutionary doubt on the continued usefulness and capabilities of an individual.

Love is the whirlpool of destruction and despair that slowly engulfs your entire being. The darkness that crushes your world, shatters it into shards cutting deep into the very essence of your existence. The voice that questions your reason for living.

Love is essential to the continuation of the species.

Love is both the glue that holds the world together and the blade that slashes it into pieces. The pain of loss and the willingness to go through it all again.

Love is the reason behind our existence.

Love is the reason for our existence.